FORA is a sustainable forestry and agriculture developer with an emphasize on sustainability, traceability, and impact. Currently, FORA manages a total area of 30,000 Ha forestry concession in Bangka and Belitung, Indonesia.

FORA’s main goal is to develop a sustainable agro-forestry sector through integrated timber plantation which brings positive and long term impact to the community and the environment. Our projects involve the participation of the local community, in addition to the 5% of our net profit which will be channeled for community development. A minimum 20% of total concession area is allocated for the local community, which will be developed into a profitable and sustainable community farm.



Served as director and commissioner in 12 companies for the past 18 years, most notably in PT. Belitung Industri Sejahtera (BIS), PT. Agro Pratama Sejahtera (APS), and PT. Andalan Karya Pertiwi (AKP). Specialized in project execution and government relation.

Passion for environmental conservation since young has led Andrew to pursue career in waste water treatment industry for palm oil mills in Malaysia for 6 years; integrated agriculture plantation in Johor – Malaysia for 3 years; and recently FORA. As staunch believer in climate change, He is currently chasing a dream called FORA to make a difference for the world!.

Thor had a keen interest in technology and social impact from an early age. As Indonesia’s youngest venture capital analyst from Indonesia-based VC firm, Grupara Ventures, she worked with startups and tech companies to perfect the business model, expand market, and monetize. She led the Marketing Division of TaniGroup (TaniHub & TaniFund) before joining FORA.

Victor has wide experience in financial industry, as a Financial Analyst, Consultant, Researcher, and Data Scientist. Recently, Victor is a Senior Financial Analyst in JSBC Singapore and CIO of Colossus, with investment portfolio ranging from tech companies to conventional businesses. Specialized in Risk Analysis, Financial Modelling, and Portfolio Management.

Mr. Askin is a founder and partner of HARTAMULYA, ANDRYANUS & SIAHAAN Law Firm. Earned his Master of Law from University of Indonesia, he also understands taxation and accounting principles, giving him a unique advantage in rendering his legal opinion and advisory. Specialized in Corporate and Commercial Practice.

Currently working in ENCO Energy as a Controller for Indonesian Biomass Powerplants, Soo has amassed 5 years of experience in design, construction, commissioning and operation of biomass power plant in Indonesia. His current role keeps him up to date with the latest technology and development in Renewable Energy.

With more than 15 years of experience in IT management for multiple companies, Furdy specializes in software development, IT product design life cycle, research & implementation of new innovative technologies capable of enhancing business productivity. Currently serves as Head of IT Division in GEARINDO.

As an entrepreneur in the construction industry, Sony is currently serving as a director in PT. Rancang Cipta Tridhistana, an architecture & construction management company which he built from scratch. With 18 years of rich experience in project management, Sony is also responsible for establishing and maintaining long lasting professional relationship with clients.


Project Updates, Articles, News About Forestry & Agriculture
MoU for Mangrove Conservation and Rehabilitation Project

FORA in collaboration with Kesatuan Pengelolaan Hutan Sg. Sembulan to replant Mangrove in Mangrove Conservation Area in Bangka Island.

Site Visit to Paulownia Farm in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan

Site Visit to Paulownia Farm in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, together with Top Glove Malaysia. Revotropix Paulownia is the fastest growing timber with regeneration ability. FORA...

Site Visit to PT. Sinar Baturusa Prima

Site Visit to PT. Sinar Baturusa Prima, Cassava Factory in Bangka, Indonesia. In one of FORA Community Development plan, we explore the possibility of working...



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