About Fora

Impactful Sustainable Forestry
& Agriculture.


FORA is a sustainable forestry and agriculture developer with an emphasize on sustainability, traceability, and impact. Currently, FORA manages a total area of 30,000 Ha forestry concession in Bangka and Belitung, Indonesia.

FORA’s main goal is to develop a sustainable agro-forestry sector through integrated timber plantation which brings positive and long term impact to the community and the environment. Our projects involve the participation of the local community, in addition to the 5% of our net profit which will be channeled for community development. A minimum 20% of total concession area is allocated for the local community, which will be developed into a profitable and sustainable community farm.

As part of our social and environmental initiatives, FORA is leading a mangrove conservation and rehabilitation through a honey cultivation project called ZOKRA. The essence of this project is to replant and protect mangrove area by developing it into forest-honey cultivation, which will be an additional source of income for the local community. Being their source of income, these mangrove forests will be conserved by the locals.

An average of 500,000 Ha of forests are being cut down annually in Indonesia and less than half are being replanted. Illegal timber trade is still very much alive today. Poverty level is increasing and has become an endemic. FORA will be the solution.


Vision :

  1. Eradicate deforestation.
  2. 500 trees for every single human population on Earth.
  3. 1 hectare of sustainable farm for every single human population on Earth.

Mission :

  1. Develop a profitable and sustainable business model for the forestry and agriculture sector.
  2. To create traceability in all our produce.
  3. To improve the standard of living of the poor by developing and empowering the local community.
  4. Educate the people on the importance of the environment.

To achieve our Vision & Mission, FORA develop a long-term profitable business in forestry industry by emphasizing in 3 pillars: Sustainable. Traceable. Impact.

FORA believes in partnerships by working together with individuals, institutions and organizations to achieve our ultimate goal of making the world a better place for everybody.


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