Zokra Honey

Your Honey Makes Impact!
ZOKRA does not only create the finest natural honey to customers around the world, but also gives back to the local communities who are actively involved in all production processes.

Together with the Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forestry, we empower local women to create marketable products from their surroundings: be it mangrove forest, honey farms, and so on. We also give back to nature: For every Zokra product purchased, we plant a mangrove tree on your behalf!

Our Forest and Local Community
Bangka Belitung, Indonesia – well known for the tin mining : recently utilize forest land for agriculture and farming activities. For years local communities have been actively cultivating good quality forest honey.
However, most honey produces are only distributed locally. The main reason Zokra works with Bangka Belitung honey farmers and the forestry department is to bring quality honey with social and environment impact to a wider audience.

Bangka Belitung Series
This series consist of Lemon Honey (Kelulut) and Sweet Kamper Honey.
•Bee-hive will be placed in the protected mangrove forests.
•Local people is assigned to be the guardian of the hives.
•Profit sharing with local people.
•Woman community activity (handcraft training, making souvenir from rattan and mangrove branches).

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